What should I pack for a self-catering holiday in Edinburgh?

Many people are now choosing the benefits of self-catering accommodation over expensive, impersonal hotels. One question we regularly get from guests is what exactly is provided, and what do they need to bring themselves?

We supply everything apart from your own personal belongings. So our advice to you is : travel as light as you can. Edinburgh isn’t renowned for it’s reliable, glorious sunshine. So use the extra space in your suitcase to pack a rain jacket, an extra jersey and some sun-cream – you never know, there are days where you’ll need all three up here!

Here are our top 5 things you do not need to bring:

1.       Toilet paper – we supply enough to get you through a long weekend. If you need more, there are supermarkets very close reach.

2.       Salt and Pepper (and other kitchen essentials) – there is plenty in the apartment for you, including

3.       Towels – these are bulky items, so save the space. We supply enough towels for everyone, including extra for the swimming pool.

4.       Hairdryer – each apartment has a hair dryer for your use.

5. Baby cot and highchair - just ask us, and we'll arrange for one to be left in the apartment for you. 

Why should you opt for a self-catering holiday?

As we start to look to the coming spring, many us start to think about holiday time and booking up for a break. One of the big draws of a holiday is getting away from the daily routine and for some, this might include not having to touch a pan or a cooking utensil. However, there is a lot to be said for the self-catering holiday that offsets the need to do a bit of cooking.

Open options

When you book a fully inclusive holiday, your options are instantly limited to hotels or resort. This will often mean travelling to tourist hotspots that are filled with holidaymakers. Everything will be crammed with people and sometimes the chaos can be too much when you just want a quiet rest.  However, by opting for self-catering there is a far larger world of opportunities that open up.

Holiday villas, apartments and cottages are spread around the country and offer a home away from home. There are no crowds, no waiting for the most popular areas of the resort and no constant noise from the other people around you – peace and quiet!

Give up nothing

Sometimes there is the perception that a self-catering holiday means giving up something on other styles of holiday but this isn’t the case. You can still get access to hotel style facilities such as swimming pools and saunas, while optional services such as babysitting and mobile beauticians are still available.

Whether you are travelling as a family or as a group, staying in a villa, apartment or cottage means you can all be together – large communal spaces mean everyone can relax together, and the kids can run around and have fun without worrying about other guests.

Finally, there’s the cost. There are opportunities for self-catering holidays all over the UK and prices can start from as little as £20 per person, per night. This is far lower than the price for an all-inclusive hotel and even cheaper than many bed and breakfast options. Plus, whether you want a city break or enjoy time in the countryside, there are so many options to choose from that you will always find the perfect one.